Abscence Procedures

Quick Reference Guide

These are sample situations to assist parents in understanding the
attendance policy.

Type of Absence


Excused/Exempt Status

Child is sick.

Notify School

Excused but not Exempt without doctor or nurse verification.

Child is on a school sponsored trip.


Student is considered in attendance.

Child gets sick at school and is sent home.

Sign student out at office.

Excused and Exempt

Child is on family vacation while school is in session.

Absence needs to be pre-arranged.

Excused but not Exempt

Child is absent due to a serious illness or death of a relative.

Notify School

Excused and Exempt. This is a verifiable family emergency.

Child is absent due to an educational experience outside of school.

Absence needs to be pre-arranged.

Excused and Exempt. Principalneeds to pre-approve the educational experience.

Child is ill and absent numerous days throughout the school year.

Notify school for each absence and ask doctor for a note if one was seen.

Excused and exempt with doctoror nurse verification.

Child is absent for unknown reason.

No note or call received from parent.

Unexcused absence and NOT Exempt. Child will be considered truant.